Proof 2010 Lincoln Cent

The 2010 Lincoln Cent will be minted in collectible proof version, in addition to the standard version of the coins issued for circulation. The proof coins will only be available as part of certain annual sets offered by the United States Mint.

2010 Proof Lincoln Cent

The Proof 2010 Lincoln Cent is created through a specialized minting process. Treated coin blanks are fed into presses with specially prepared dies and struck multiple times. The result is an extraordinarily brilliant coin with sharp relief. Modern proof coins feature frosted raised design elements over mirror like backgrounds to create a cameo effect. Proof coins are struck at the San Francisco Mint facility and carry the “S” mint mark.

The United States Mint include the proof version of the 2010 Lincoln Cent within two different annual sets. The 2010 Proof Set, scheduled for release on July 15, 2010, will include a total of 14 coins struck in proof with their standard compositions. The 2010 Silver Proof Set, expected to be released in August or September 2010, will also include 14 coins, but the dime, quarter, and half dollar coins will be struck in 90% silver. The Proof 2010 Lincoln Cent will have the same composition and appearance in both sets.

The mintage for the 2010 Proof Lincoln Cent will be significantly lower than the circulation versions of the coin, since the issuance is limited to the number of proof sets sold by the United States Mint.