2010 Lincoln Cent Rolls

2010 Lincoln Cent RollsPurchasing 2010 Lincoln Cent Rolls is a popular way for collectors obtain a sizable number of the newly designed coins. Each roll contains 50 coins, usually in uncirculated condition, and offers easier acquisition and storage than single coins.

These rolls can be obtained from several sources including the roll exchange at the official launch ceremony, at banks or depository institutions, or directly from the United States Mint.

2010 Lincoln Cent Launch Ceremony Rolls

Following the official launch ceremony held for the 2010 Lincoln Cent in Springfield, Illinois, attendees had the opportunity to exchange currency for rolls of the new cents at face value. Similar coin exchanges have been held for most launch ceremonies for newly designed United States coins.

For collectors lucky enough to attend the ceremony, the rolls provide a special collectible or keepsake for the event. It is common for people to have rolls obtained from the ceremony postmarked to evidence their unique origin. After the 2010 Lincoln Cent launch ceremony, a specially designed cancellation stamp was available from the nearly by USPS Post Office.

2010 Lincoln Cent Rolls from Banks

Since the 2010 Lincoln Cent is a coin issued for circulation, rolls of the coins may be available at some banks and depository institutions. In recent years, distribution through this channel has become more inconsistent, as banks do not always have rolls of newly wrapped coins. It is often the case that banks will only have rolls of mixed or circulated coins available.

If the rolls can be obtained from a bank, they should be available at face value. Collectors interested in acquiring newly minted coins through this channel may have to visit or call multiple banks to determine if the new coins are available.

United States Mint 2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set

Perhaps the easiest, but most costly way to acquire rolls of the new Lincoln Cents is by purchasing a special numismatic product created by the United States Mint. On April 8, 2010, the US Mint began sales of the 2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set. Each set includes one 50-coin roll of coins from the Philadelphia Mint and one 50-coin roll of coins from the Denver Mint.

These coins are of similar quality to those issued for circulation. The only difference is that the coins come packaged in special US Mint branded wrappers.  The sets are available from the US Mint priced at $8.95 plus shipping and handling. Although this represents a high premium to the face value of the coins, more than 100,000 of the sets have been sold so far.