2010 Lincoln Cent Design Proposals

There were initially 18 design proposals for the 2010 Lincoln Cent reverse. The designs centered around a few different themes. This included various views of the Capitol building, renditions of American flags, shields, eagles, and wheat stalks. Some of the designs incorporated one or more of the themes in a single design.

The 18 design candidates were reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), which made a recommendation for LP-18, featuring a bound group of wheat stalks. This choice was subsequently removed from consideration by the United States Mint due to its similarity to a German coin. The CFA later selected LP-10 as their alternate choice.

The remaining 17 design candidates were subsequently reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. They recommended design LP-13 featuring a rendition of the union shield.

The final choice for the reverse design of the 2010 Lincoln Cent was made by the United States Secretary of the Treasury after weighing the input from the two groups. Design LP-13 featuring the union shield was selected as the new reverse design for the Lincoln Cent for 2010 and beyond.

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