2010 Lincoln Cent Mintage

2010 Lincoln CentThe United States Mint produced the newly designed 2010 Lincoln Cents throughout the year, in quantities necessary to fulfill orders from Federal Reserve Banks. The one cent coin has typically been minted in greater quantities than any other denomination with final mintages ranging into the billions. The inaugural year for the new design was no different with more than 4 billion coins struck.

Production of the 2009 Lincoln Penny for circulation took place at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. The coins struck in Philadelphia did not include a mint mark, while the coins struck in Denver had the “D” mint mark placed on the obverse of the coin below the date.

After a slow start for monthly production in the first two months of the year, production levels generally increased, reaching a peak of more than 500 million cents struck during the month of June. Production levels scaled down for the final month of the year. In total, there were 4,010,830,000 of the 2010 Lincoln Cents struck for circulation.

The table below presents the monthly production figures for the 2010 Lincoln Cent by month. Note that the figures represent the production of circulating coins and do not include the 2010 Proof Lincoln Cent or satin finish versions of the coins included in US Mint issued annual sets.

2010 Lincoln Cent Circulating Coin Production

Philadelphia Denver Total
January 65,230,000 50,000,000 115,230,000
February 84,000,000 78,800,000 162,800,000
March 128,800,000 165,200,000 294,000,000
April 149,600,000 135,200,000 284,800,000
May 222,800,000 186,400,000 409,200,000
June 289,200,000 296,000,000 585,200,000
July  242,800,000 212,800,000  455,600,000
August  269,200,000 181,600,000  450,800,000
September  170,800,000 256,800,000  427,600,000
October  181,200,000 242,800,000 424,000,000
November  177,200,000 166,800,000  344,000,000
December  (6,800,000)  64,400,000  57,600,000
Total 1,963,630,000 2,047,200,000 4,010,830,000